Pervert wrestling turns catfight


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
11:16 min - Sep 10 - .MP4 - 545.56 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Savannah has invited Jasmine Mendez over to her new place. She knows they are not close friends, but she has seen Jasmines scissoring clips and was super impressed. She explains to Jasmine that she is trying herself to become a really good wrestler. Savannah appeals to Jasmines ego and asks since she is so good could she please help Savannah out. Jasmine agrees if Savannah will be like her little test dummy. Jasmine puts Savannah in a snug body scissor and gives her the squeeze. Savannah almost immediately gasps for air her legs are so strong. Jasmine really cranks on her and Savannah has to tap out. Whew! She wasn't expecting Jasmine to be so strong. She felt like her insides were being crushed! Jasmine then pulls Savannah into a front head scissor. She tells Savannah to keep your legs totally straight but Savannah can barely hear her over her massive thighs. Savannah coughs and sputters trying to tell Jasmine to ease up but Jasmine just squeezes her harder. Her powerful thighs are crushing her face. Savannah cant even think straight from being squeezed so hard. She asks Jasmine to show her one more scissorhold she is good at. Jasmine questions her making sure she is okay after getting squeezed so hard, especially since she is going to demonstrate her reverse head scissors. She warns her its almost like a s mother since there will be so much booty on her face, but Savannah readily accepts the challenge. Jasmine puts her in place as Savannah gets her face deep in between the latina's giant booty. As Jasmine starts to squeeze her Savannah cant help but touch her jiggly booty and a sneaky smile creeps across her face. Jasmine notices her groping her and asks what's going on. But Savannah distracts her and asks if she could squeeze her harder? Jasmine can, and goes to really give it to her this time. But again Savannah starts acting really weird sniffing her ass and squishing it on her face. Jasmine calls her out on it, saying she thought she was supposed to be showing Savannah scissors? WTF! Well, Savannah has a confession to make, she didn't invite Jasmine over here to show her wrestling moves. "I mean really Jasmine, I am the new star of ultimate surrender and I crush all my enemies. Your ego got ahead of you Jasmine and now that your in my house lets have some fun!" Savannah proclaims as she playfully gropes her tits. But Jasmine is fuming and wants no part of Savannah's come ons. She pushes her away as again Savannah makes a pass at her vagina. "C`mon lets just have some fun after all you did just put your ass on my face" says Savannah as she laughs and grabs Jasmine again. She is furious though and shoves Savannah out the way and warns her to back off. "Or what? You'll beat me up" Savannah replies egging Jasmine on. Her anger bubbles over and she pushes Savannah to the ground. She climbs on top of her, but Savannah just taunts her more, "go ahead why don't you bring those big boobies closer to my face?" and laughs at Jasmines frustration. Savannah's perverted ways leave her no choice but to make this a catfight