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Wet sudsy milky boobs in the shower SD



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2:56 min - Sep 10 - .MP4 - 27.10 MB

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SD 480p 30fps Video - **Classic vid!** This is one of my videos from when my boobies were still in training before they became the 40 K cup super producer lactating tits with the HUGE nipples that I have now! My milk supply has tripled since then and my nipples and tits are even bigger now! Enjoy! If you want to see before and after, check out my newer content! - Wet sudsy milky boobs getting clean in the shower SD 480p 30fps - Sometimes a girl can get really dirty while having so much fun. Watch me lather up and clean off after getting covered in milk and cum. It felt so good to let those suds just cascade over my giant titties. Once clean, you can get up close and personal with a close up of me playing a little and squirting out some sweet milk. I finish up with shaking my giant breasts, just to make sure there's no milk left ;) - keywords: huge boobs shower milk soap squirting milk dripping milk solo