Wittle Loser


Bratty Jamie

American / us
8:49 min - Sep 10 - .WMV - 197.43 MB


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Today is my first day on a new nanny job I am so excited these people are paying me so much. I show up and to my surprise the baby isn't really a baby it is a full grown man baby. OMG I scream in my head but still remain calm and say I hope that they have a fantastic time tonight on their date and not to worry about a thing. As soon as the door closes that all changes. You see I am not changing your diapers it's not going to happen you are not handicap you are just a total fucking loser who still wets the bed. Awww poor wittle loser is crying now hahaha yea you will not fuck this up for me you are to change yourself and maybe I'll use you as a foot stool. That is the closest to female attention you will ever get. Since this job is going to be so easy I want you sitting in the corner while my boyfriend comes over and maybe we watch a movie maybe we have sex but you are to be ignored we do not talk to losers like your self