Homewrecker Fembot Mindfuck Conspiracy


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
10:25 min - Sep 11 - .MP4 - 866.84 MB


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INTERGALACTIC LATEX HOMEWRECKER SPACEBABE ***** JOI CONSPIRACY- This Goddess should come with a warning! Start getting high just like I say while I tell you a little story. I'm not even from this planet. Your human marriages, ideas of commitment finally led you to Me. On My planet, men are pets, accessories, On this planet there are some real problems. I'm here to solve that. Keep sniffing your **** because I know what you really want- to worship My shiny ass i latex! So, you can stroke...while I humiliate you and your planet! Why are you here stroking your cock to Salem if you have to hide it? Because you spend your nights in bed with her thinking about Me? Go ahead married earth boy, stroke your cock fast, look up at Me and think about how tiny and insignificant everything is compared to Me. Sniff, hold it in, and admire the shine while I tease you with My pussy and ass- you wish you could see up My skirt- I turn you into My **** bitch and train you how to live on my planet! I want you so high, feeling so good, I have you fucking your hand, staring, drooling, high- and I'm going to tell you exactly what to do! In fact, i'm going to tell you exactly what's going to happen to you now...I let you peek at My ass because I take pity on your mortal human soul- SNIFF MORE ****! - I'm getting you high as fuck so I can put you in My capsule, shrink you down to size and keep you as a slave on My planet! Sniff more *****, give in to the good feeling, look up at Me while everything fades away...you are ALL MINE NOW