Retired Lucie Cline Giving POV BJ

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Puerto Rican / New York City
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8:57 min - Sep 11 - .MP4 - 1.70 GB - 1920x1080 HD
ChazzyAmateursXXX - Top reviewer Jan 10
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Too bad she is retired. She is so good at what she does!

rlimlive Jan 10

Yes she is.  For sure!  And all thanks to Ronnie Hendrixxx.  He is the GOAT right now... holding it down.  Hoping everything is well with you Chazzy!  Ready to collabo wheneva, bro. 💯💰👏🏾😎🌍

ericasse - Top reviewer Oct 8
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Lucie Cline is beautiful. Nice video!

rlimlive Sep 11

Thanks babe 😎 I'm a huge Karma_RX fan myself!  We should collab 💦 #sexxxy

Ronnie does have a way with his words! How he managed to scout & bring retired XXX actress Lucie Cline back onto the porno battlefield. Lol. Just goes to show when you are in this business... you never retire. Thanks again, Lucie! #LGBT