Hurry Up And Get Dressed


Bratty Jamie

American / us
7:05 min - Sep 11 - .WMV - 263.39 MB


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What are you doing still in bed I need you to hurry up and get dressed you are gonna be late for school. No no excuses we will not be late today now come on get up! What do you mean you can't? Of course you can talk to me about anything oh no are you being bullied? Whew ok good it's not that well then whats up? You don't know how to make your erection go away? Well have you tried masturbating ? Wow 3 times this morning and you can't cum ok I have an idea and yes I know it's going to sound weird but I need you to get up today. So here let me grab some lube and show you exactly how to rub one out. It's ok just close your eyes and feel what mommys hand can really do I promise I will make you cum.hand