2 Sides of Ros Part II

1,330 5.0

Ros LeBeau

American / NYC
1,330 5.0
11:36 min - Sep 11 - .MP4 - 1.64 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Sensual, dirty, sloppy, greedy - pick one or all of the above. This is Ros at her most romantic, her most delicious and her most filth with a dick. This oral extravaganza has it all. Ros tenderly licks the shaft of this wonderful long black schlong as her lips gently suck on the glands. From there she takes if further and further down her throat gagging and choking slightly as she tries to take more - and its not that awful hacking moth open gag...no this is wonderful from the bottom of the throat, lips around the dick gag...the best type of gag! Drooling and slobbering over the dick from her salivary excitement she lubes up the dingus with her own spit to further ease it down her welcoming and greedy throat. It doesn't matter how you like your dick sucked, it is in THIS video and Ros does it all. Once the oral romance is over Ros gets into the fucking BEST.....holy fuck what is it?! I dont know if its a swimsuit....or what I hope my fuck fantasy would wear to a dinner party to make everyone else look bad - but this one piece barely covers anything at all. Ros this will be in my next custom for sure.

This one piece has thin and narrow diamond shaped cloth that barely covers her supple DDD tits leaving side and under boob exposed. From the top of the breast coverings they lead to a string that ties behind her neck and from the bottom of the breast coverings a string each travels down her stomach that becomes an equally small piece of cloth that barely covers her kitty. from there it becomes a string once again that travels up her butt cheeks and splits off into two that re-wraps back around to join the rest of the other....strings...there are a lot of strings and not a lot of clothing!

Showing off her flawless bod Ros twerks and booty flexes those wonderful cheeks and spins putting her whole physique on display. Nabbing some oil she shines up her gluteus maximus so you can see your face in it...and we all want to see are face...in it! Turning around and grabbing the top part of this outfit she slides the coverings aside and lets her tits hang out...that is if they actually were capable of hanging. Ros has evolution's most perfect tits pure natural that are capable of just sitting there, perky, firm and big. She oils the girls up and massages them while spinning and twerking. Ending this video with more spins closer and closer zooming, more and more oily assed twerking.

After discovering Ros all other models pale in comparison. If you love a sensual woman with perfect curves, perfect face and perfect...if you love the definition of perfect get this video, fall in lust and get all her other ones! What are you waiting for?! GO DO EET!

I was missing my favorite toy (Big Black Dildo- 10 inches) so I had to give him some love. Followed by Ass Shaking, Twerking (oily booty & boobs)! Enjoy