10 Reasons Why I'm Better Than Her w/JOI

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1,809 5.0
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Throwawaybates Sep 12 2017

One of your best, bravo!

Alchemist15 - Top reviewer Oct 29
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Gingerlove could do top 100, but the 10 she listed crushes a wide majority of girls (I say that being nice). My favorite numbers she listed were 3, 5, 8, and 9. The others were really good numbers not to list. She didn’t go off on all her features either. She racks up personality points on how she presented each point. She had me laughing but her words are striking. I love that about Ginger, she’s all about pleasing her guy and making you feel important and appreciated. Also her wardrobe choice was sexy as hell, her curves, those perky tits with the light nipples and her ass looks sooo good. The brown, soft eyes and the natural red on the carpet and the drapes. Just sooooo good!

Hi! I'm Gingerlovex and I'm going to show you 10 reasons why i'm better than that girl that you're with. I have a way better ass, nicer tits, a tighter pussy, I suck dick better, I'm hornier than she is, I'd appreciate you more, I'd make your dick harder, I'm younger than she is and more of a nasty slut. I'd let you fuck me in all my holes and that boring bitch only lets you fuck one hole. I'd suck your dick as soon as you walked in the door as dinner is already made. I'd ride your cock multiple times a day. I'd sext you at work and send you any naughty pictures you wanted me to. We'd have way more fun. She's boring and old with a loose pussy. Why would you be with somebody that bitches at you all the time and doesn't even please you anymore. Let me treat you right. You're dick gets so hard for me. I bet she can't even get yours up anymore. Cum for me. Forget about her. Cum for ME
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