Bubble Brain

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1,202 5.0
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bestpsychosean Nov 6 2017
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If you’re into mind control or mind fucks then this is the perfect 3d porn. Just about everything was improved upon from the last.

The lead into the lewd actions was paced great. You could believe she was being taken under by the bubbles and then of course the sex scene was good. I like how the cliffhanger ending played out. Must buy for fans of the genre.

dorkknight - Top reviewer Sep 14 2017
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Another fun, fresh, and above all sexy, video from Kitty! That velvet dress looks absolutely amazing hugging Kitty's killer curves. Even just watching Kitty lift her dress to finger her soaking wet pussy was hotter that a lot of videos you'll see! Now I just need to go find me some of that Bubble Brain powder. :)

Your sister’s curvy best friend has been walking up and down the hallway next to your room for what seems like forever. You’re not surprised she’s practically memorized all your family’s photos while waiting on your sister- who takes FOREVER to get ready. She walks by your room again and out of boredom asks you what you’re up to. You’ve had your eye on her curves for so long, but you don’t know that she’s ever given a second thought to you. As she’s speaking to you in her sexy velvet dress, her tits pouring out, you offer her a beverage. She must’ve gotten thirsty with all that pacing and waiting. She gladly accepts your kind offer, not knowing that this beverage that is quenching her thirst has “Bubble Brain” powder dissolved into it. “Whoa, there are so many bubbles in this. What is it?” That’s when the hiccups start. At first she is embarrassed as her hands begin touching her body. The more she hiccups, the more her brain becomes fuzzy, just like her beverage-- until she doesn’t even realize she’s hiking up the bottom of her dress to touch her soaked pussy. It’s so sexy and cute how she’s trying to still think through all the moaning. “Your sister..is always making me so…soo…wet…--LATE!” *hiccup*. The more the “Bubble Brain” makes her hiccup, the harder her pussy spasms in needy pleasure, and lucky you, there’s only one thing she wants…and she REALLY needs it. You wouldn’t say no to her right now, would you? *hiccup* This clip includes: mesmerize, mind control, submissive sluts, hiccup fetish, big tits, curvy girls, tight dresses, stripping, virtual sex, female masturbation, cleavage, pov, riding, pawg, hips, bbw, big tits, big boobs, ecchi moans