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mrstrongbone123 deleted Oct 16 2017

is there a facial??

nutzmcghee Sep 14 2017
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So it took me a couple viewings to finally make it to the end of this video; it's that good. Thanks for capturing such raw spontaneous action, the connection between all 3 parties is fantastic. Lots of great dialogue and swapping of partners for Ms. P, all done bareback! Ms. P looks fantastic doing doggie with her beautiful ass and pussy up in the air, her perfect pendulous breasts hang and sway as she's getting railed. I can only hope there are more kinky adventures Mr and Ms P share with us in the future; maybe a Gang Bang, or a DP, or even being dommed and fisted by another woman! Thanks for sharing your erotic adventures!

Calcio82 Sep 15 2017
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This is the first time we have ever paid for premium content and believe us... It was definitely worth every penny. As a married couple who are dipping our toes in the lifestyle we absolutely loved the raw passion on display here.No script, no fake moans of pleasure, just a beautiful couple who are so connected and open with each other that they deliver a gem of a video like this.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your sexual journey.

R and R

Edward Alric Sep 24 2017
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It is an amazing video ❤️❤️❤️
Totally loved it watch it.
You need to see it, so go and get it

thekinkysideofme Sep 22 2017
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One of the hottest threesome videos on this site. Worth it!

No5736955 Sep 22 2017
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Amazing interracial video. One of my favorites!!! Must see

yorktown_33 - Top reviewer Jan 4
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hot video and great theme. Love seeing real hotwives enjoying new cocks. Love seeing hotwives with BBC even more.

manyker - Top reviewer Jan 2
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Nice threesome video. Highly recommend.

titymctwist - Top reviewer Oct 24 2017
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cum eating cuckold pro-am hour

What a wild night this was.... My first time browsing the "casual encounters" section of craigslist led to this hunk of a man ending up in my bedroom. We had only exchanged a handful of kik messages before he came over and fucked me. I loved how vocal he was! ... Anyways I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did having it! It certainly wont be my last casual encounter