Freebie Tuesday

Human Toilet for my Farts & Piss

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Botthot Mar 24

I am Master Alex’s Toilet Slave and nothing more. I am there to consume whatever he sees fit

sparte75 Nov 25 2017

yes !

Warning! Extreme verbal humiliation! I need a new human toilet to take my piss and suck my farts. This is your future, chained up in my bathroom, taking my smelly farts and each drop of that warm piss. Every single day, I will come and use you. I don’t need toilet paper when I’ve got a good toilet fag like you. Biggest and loudest farts coming your way and there’s nothing you can do but take them and have that golden nectar to wash it down. And no, you don’t get to open a window. I want you to stay in my filth and in the dark. A toilet doesn’t need light. I see you’re horny just thinking about it, you twisted fucker. Don’t worry, I know how to treat a slave like you. Maybe I should hang my towel on your hard cock as well. Just don’t drip on it. Your job is to clean my fat uncut cock and ripe hairy ass. Do a good job or I’ll rent you out to a public bathroom. Get ready to be my urinal, fag