OTK Spanks for a Naughty Sissy



American / Dallas, Texas
8:54 min - Sep 12 - .MP4 - 196.70 MB


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Every Monday, this sissy wears panties and sends Mistress Petra Hunter multiple proof photos throughout the day. He's done this for weeks, but for some reason, this Monday he slipped up. Mistress Petra never received a single photo of him in his panties, nor did she receive an apology as acknowledgment he did something wrong. The best way to teach this naughty sissy a lesson is with spanking. She brings him over her knee, pulls his panties down, and slaps her bare palm against his hairless sissy ass, over and over and over again. Her favorite spanks are the kind that echo through the room, and as the sissy counts his punishment spanks, Mistress Petra instructs him to only count the loudest ones. His ass is a lovely shade of pink when Mistress is finally through with him! [Contains: Spanking, OTK Spanking, Hairbrush Spanking, Female Domination, Slave Training, Sissy Training, Punishment