You only get hard when I degrade you



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You have a strong verbal humiliation fetish since who knows when... The more I laugh at you, the harder your dick gets. It is your immediate natural reaction, that is because your head doesn´t work properly and you must have some kind of mental disfunction, freak. See: get naked on your hands and knees like a doggy and look up at me. You are a complete fucking loser. The human being would extinguish if only you lived on the Earth. It is sad, very sad indeed. Thanks God we don´t depend on your manhood. You are a pathetic old fat loser who hates everything about yourself. Look at you. You are disgusting. You spend every minute in front of your computer masturbating to a girl who hates you. Do you really understand how pathetic it is that you have to pay to be humiliated and degraded? It is the only way you can cum now. You are completely fucked up in your head. And the more you hear this, the more it gets reinforced in your stupid brain. With each stroke I want you to think about what a sick fuck you really are. Accept it with every humiliating stroke. You will never be normal. You are addicted to my humiliation. You are never going to escape from Angie, pig. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you are already hard for reading this. HIGHLIGHTED: you shrink and shrink as you listen to every one of my words. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW