My strong teeth chew these gummy bears



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Time for smaller and weaker gummy bears... This will be a funny devouring party! Their brothers were not lucky and didn´t survive to tell their mortal experience to the world, and these ones won´t be luckier, I guess. Angie´s powerful teeth don´t keep their vulnerable size in mind, they have no feelings, they just want to cut, saw and pierce these sweet candies´s head and members off. You only have to check how my sharp incisors and my vampire canines operate over anything who dares to face them. One gummy bear, then another one, next the bravest one... but no one gets to survive. They end up being chewed like play dough, smashed into a shining mash and swallowed deep inside of my stomach. See how the little bears get deformed between my dangerous jaws not even with the chance of asking for help. My beautiful pointy teeth are their nightmare. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you are already one of Angie´s teeth´s fans. HIGHLIGHTED: my seductive and macabre explanations while I am murdering the bears. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW