Freebie Tuesday

ASMR Jerk for Mom, extreme dirty talk

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322 5.0
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this video is HOT. for anyone into the dirty talk angle of taboo mom/son you must buy this. Instant favorite. She is so good at this. I instantly knew I would be working with her for my own custom.

Thank you, my dear Captain, it will be a pleasure to make your fantasy come true.

I know exactly want you want. You want your mother, don't you? Would you like to hear me talk dirty about your Mom? Will it turn you on? Does it make your cock hard? I know it does. You are so fucking pervert. You asked me to talk and whisper dirty about this obscure fantasy you have. Would you like to take her to bed, spend all night in bed with your Mom? I bet you'd love that. Would you like to see her strip for you? To see your mother in sexy lingerie? Do you want your Mom to kiss you, to kiss her lips, french kiss your mother? I bet you'd like her to touch you. You are craving for spending the night with Mom. You wish your mother to start touching your cock as she kisses you, you would like that. You want your Mom to go down on you and suck your cock with her wet lips. You would love to fuck your mother so much. She is in your dreams every night. You would give anything to climb on top of her and fuck her in every position you imagine. You must be so hard for your mother right now. Touch your cock for your Mom, does it feel good? Jerk it hard to your mother, cum for your Mom, come on... You are willing to do it. Your balls are about to explode. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: your Mom is your deepest and dirtiest fantasy. HIGHLIGHTED: a cheeky and bold whispering jerk off encouragement with no prejudices, only possible with Angie´s sultry voice. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW