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YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND HELPLESS LYING ON MY BED. AJ the Vamp straddles you. She says “Now that you have you have your mask off you can do something for me.” She sits her wet Pussy and Ass onto your face and starts to grind; stranding you tongue deep inside her wet pussy with no escape. “If you want me to touch your dick, you have to make me Cum first.” After AJ has a large orgasm, she makes her way down to your cock. AJ begins to suck and edge you over and over again. After all this is who she is, She is a Cum Vampire, surviving off your sperm… draining you of your essence. Lick, Suck, Edge Repeat… Until you are ready to explode. When you do Finally Pop Deep into her mouth… You Cum so much you cannot move afterwards… Drained… Spent… Used Up