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YOUR COCK IS PULSING FOR ME… <br> You can’t move!?! And why do you have a huge boner?!? You know if you cum you are going to diiie!!! Your wife, Nikki, enters your bedroom dressed in sexy slutty lingerie. You ask her why you can’t move and why your dick is raging hard. Nikki says she slipped you a Viagra, and that she has needs. She’s just going to play with you a little bit… You think maybe that won’t be so bad…. After all she does have some amazing Tits and her body is smoking hot! <br> Nikki, starts by massaging you with her hands…. Then her Giant Tits wrap around your Dick and you nearly explode! You don’t care what happens, you just want to Cum! Nikki edges you and denies you over and over again before taking you deep into her mouth. Then she edges you some more! She casually inquires if signed over everything to her in your Last Will and Testament… When she finds out you have, the gloves are off. You can only resist for so long… and then you erupt! Sadly it’s for the last time in your life; because you are no longer alive after that