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DON’T THINK I HAVEN’T NOTICED YOUR PERVY STARING STEP DADDY. Nadia has had enough. All she did was return home a bit late little after a night of partying and fucking, Her stupid Step-Daddy has the nerve to act holier than thou, giving her a lecture, at the same time he is staring at her Ass and Tits. It’s time to put Step Daddy in his place. Nadia pushes him down and begins toying with his rock hard cock. She Knew he was staring at her, the huge Boner proves it! She makes him eat out her Ass and Pussy until both are nice and clean. At the same time she is sucking his dick long and hard deep into her moist juicy mouth. If Daddy doesn’t do everything she says she is going to tell Mommy! Finally because she knows how much he loves her ass she decides to hotdog his cock, in other words, an Ass Job! Step Daddy can’t resist and blows his load all over her Ass! Now Nadia is going to be Daddy’s boss… Unless he wants Mommy to know what he has done