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THIS AMAZING BOOTY WILL BE YOUR LAST SIGHT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE AFTERLIFE. You arrive at Julie’s place expecting a sexy session with Julie and her amazing assets, her Ample Ass and Her Tits are awe inspiring! The first thing she does is lay you down on her bed to make sure you are comfortable. Next she says she needs you to sign some preliminary paperwork before she begins. You are extremely excited and after seeing her amazing body you don’t hesitate to sign! After the paperwork is done she gives you a pill to take which you presume is Viagra… You can’t imagine anybody would have a problem getting it up for Julie, but if that is what she wants, you will do it. This is when things start getting dodgy. Julie explains that the paper you just signed was the rights to your inheritance (signed over to her); and the pill you swallowed wasn’t Viagra. It was a new druggg that paralyzes you and will killlll you when you cum! Julie begins Rubbing her hands all over your rock hard cock… bringing you to the edge, but you try to resist… She Titty Fucks you… and it becomes clear she is fucking with you. She can end you at any time with her amazing blowjob skills. Julie hotdogs you, giving you an Assjob that almost sends you to Oblivion. Finally it’s time to end you, and she does. You blow out your load in a gigantic blast that destroys you and makes Julie a much wealthier woman