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340 5.0
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Iadorematures - Top reviewer Jan 22
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Julie Cash is ASSmaizing

YOUR DEMISE IS UNSTOPPABLE NOW… ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. You could be considered the Luckiest man in the World or the Unluckiest man in the World. On one hand you have the hottest Mommy anybody could imagine. She has a pretty face, huge Tits, and a Gigantic Plump Ass that any man would be a slave for. … On the other hand, she is Greedy, Selfish, and extremely Ruthless. She will do anything to get what she wants. Right now what she wants is your Inheritance. She makes you eat a mind altering druggg that will make your body do whatever she says, up to and including dyyying. She commands you to get onto the couch. She Commands that your Heart will explodes if you Cum. You have no choice but to Obey. Then she uses her magnificent body to tease and torment you. You fight the best you can, but it is impossible to ignore her supple Mouth, Soft Hands, Enormous Tits, and the most Incredible Ass you have ever seen! When she starts hot-dogging you between her Ass Cheeks you don’t have long to live