Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday




American / Las Vegas
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EVERYTHING IS FOR MOMMY. You Wake up… You can’t move. Your Mommy is sitting on your bed holding out a clip board which she proceeds to make you to sign. This is because for some unexplained reason you can’t move. After you have signed Mommy’s Document, she informs you that she has given you a little special something that stops your movement, that relaxes you …and oh by the way the document you have just signed relinquishes your inheritance to her if you diiie… and if you Cum, You diiie. Then Mommy Starts Stroking your Dick. She starts off gently, but gradually get more vigorous as the thought of your inheritance being all hers gets her more excited. Mommy strokes you long, sensually, and hard. When Mommy takes you deep into her velvety Mouth and Throat it’s all you can do to hold back! But it doesn’t end there; she decides to Hotdog you and gives you an AssJob between her amazing Ass Cheeks. Her Ass is so Plump and round You want to Cum so very Badly!!! After that it’s only a matter of time… You’ve saved your Biggest Load for Last