American / Las Vegas
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YOU’RE MINE; NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOU. The Red Fox is Back. Deep within her lair… birds trill… Darkness Reigns while the Super Villainess Red Fox ponders what to do with her latest subverted minion. The Red Fox takes her pleasure and delight in money, precious goods, and the tormenting of different minions she has collected on the way. This time she is subverting a security guard that she used her mesmerizing succubus powers to capture and put under control at the scene of her latest heist. She uses her Gloved Hands playing edgings games with her victim. She draws him closer and closer to the edge, not letting him let loose his massive torrent of Cum that he has been aching to unload. She uses her Tits to further his torment! At this point the Red Fox needs a release too! She masturbates as the guard twitches in agony! Finally, Red Fox feeds… she Milks the guard into her mouth for a massive Oral Creampie Treat… The guard is hers… body and soul