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WANTED “THE PRINCESS” – AKA BUSTY BRENNA SPARKS Jason is being stalked. He is an extremely successful business man worth millions of dollars. Brenna Sparks AKA THE PRINCESS wants his money. In particular, she wants One Million Dollars. She has in the past already successfully extorted another million out of him. The Princess knows an easy mark when she sees one. This time Jason is at a strip club that he frequents when The Princess makes her move. She tempts him into the back room with her tight body and gigantic firm tits. Once there she removes her mask and Mesmerizes him. When he wakes up he finds himself on the floor of the VIP room with his dick in The Princesses’ hands. Jason has a burning desire to cum unlike anything he has felt in the past. Brenna teases him with her hands, her tits and Her Luscious mouth… Never letting him Cum. Finally her agrees to pay her the Million Dollars she has been demanding form him if she lets him Cum. He signs the money over to her. She stands up and walks away, leaving him high and dry. She doesn’t help him cum. He has just been suckered by The Princess