American / Las Vegas
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I DON’T NEED TO KiiiLL YOU TO GET YOUR MONEY. A wealthy man has just pulled off an amazing deal, netting himself a cool million dollars in a matter of minutes. That’s when things get dicey. A Sexy Girl in a Wicked looking costume comes into his office with a very big gun. Sexy Brenna demands Money. The man says “I’ll diie before I give you my money!” to which Brenna responds, “I don’t need to end your life, I have other ways of getting your money.” Brenna uses her gun to push her victim down onto his desk. Then she pulls out his cock. And proceeds to taunt and tease him with her lovely plump titties, her soft elegant hands, and then sucks his shaft deep with her amazing lips and mouth. She brings him to the edge over and over again, but she does not let him cum! Even after he agrees to give her his money... BRENNA DOES NOT LET HIM CUM