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IF YOU LAST 15 MINUTES YOU WILL WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS… BUT IF YOU DON’T… You’ve decided to accept the Million Dollar Challenge. If you can resist Cumming for 15 minutes while our sexy Vixen Julie Plays with you, You Win $1’000000. That’s A MILLION DOLLARS! On the Other hand if you can’t… YOU WILL DiiiiE, A PLEASUREFUL BUT PAINFUL DEeATH. To start the contest they have hooked you up to machines that will ensure you will not come of the game with your life if you orgasm. The Big question is? CAN YOU RESIST??? So far Julie has put down at least 15 contestants, but people keep signing up to try anyway! Who knows if they have a deeathwish, they desire the once in a lifetime chance to be with Julie, or they just want to be rich??? Bottom Line is no one has been able to resist her amazing Ample Ass, Her Giant Fluffy Tits, or Her Luscious Lips… Everyone has Perished. Will you be Next