Stop and Go Female Edging with Vibe

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357 5.0
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OleDave - Top reviewer Sep 18
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Another deceptively simple but erotically powerful video by Lilly, who is fully naked except for her glasses. (And I LOVE her glasses!) As she edges with her vibrator, stopping and going at command, we have an opportunity simply to relish her remarkable physical beauty, from top to bottom, from tip to toe, including some tantalizingly wonderful pussy spreading.

Realized I hadn’t done any female edging in a while so here’s this ;) I use a vibrator while I am told when to stop and when to go by my video partner (he’s off-camera). When he says ‘go’ I have to hold the vibrator on my clit, and the second he says ‘stop’ I have to take it off! At the end he finally lets me cum by keeping the vibrator against my clit until I orgasm. For extra fun play along and stroke your cock to the 'stop and go', then cum with me at the end! Female Orgasm Denial and Edging Vid