Fetish Friday


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British / LONDON
947 5.0
4:19 min - Jul 31 - .MOV - 71.68 MB - 640x480

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cosmos11 Jul 31 2014

Wow so hot

MissTiff Aug 3 2014

Thanks gorgeous xxx

vailjohn - Top reviewer Aug 9 2017
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I am a sucker for good teasing, and there is a lot of GREAT teasing here. We get a great view of Miss Tiff's magnificent body, including her spectacular tits. And as she applies oil and massages the guy's body, her hands only incidentally touch his cock, and her face hovers right on top of it as she giggles. Eventually of course she does give the cock the attention it deserves. And while the video does seem to end abruptly right as one of their phones ring, lol, to me the intense teasing was 5-star worthy. Though if you're a BJ to completion fan, you'll probably want to try another of Miss Tiff's great videos! I for one loved this one!