Arm Wrestle Challenge CUSTOM

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44 5.0
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Armwrestlingfan Sep 13 2017

hey, please do more armwrestling videos - maybe u could tell the story where u battled another hot muscle chick like yourself, no puny lil men, a real muscle goddess and u were in for a challenge, maybe u did best of 7 and it was till the final round to see who would come out on top!

JD1928 Sep 12 2017

This just might be the greatest video ever made! Amazing woman, sexy muscles goddess and THE BEST muscle talk of all time!

JD1928 Sep 14 2017
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The magnificent muscle of Kinky is mind blowing and the sexiest muscle talk ever!! Incredible woman and an incredible video!!!!!

2 guys have challenged me to an arm wrestling match. Little do they know how big my muscles actually are once they see them flexed