Freebie Tuesday




American / Las Vegas
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I ENJOY ENDING GUYS WITH MONEY. Brenna’s toying with you… You know it. She’s already taken at least 3 Million dollars from you, what more could she want??? You find out soon enough; you are woken up by her using your hand to scrawl a signature onto a document that you can’t read. … If that’s not bad enough, the next news definitely is horrifying. She is going to finish you. PERMANENTLY. The Paper she just had you sign is a Life insurance Policy. And she has paralyzed you with Druggg that will also end you if you Orgasm. Why is this woman stalking you? Why did she destroy your marriage? There are two simple reasons. One is, because you have a Lot of Money That She Desires, and the second? Because she can. Now she is using her spectacular and beautiful Asian Body to End you. She rubs her Soft Big Tits all over you. She uses Her mouth… attempting to suck every drop of life out of you. And in the End she Rubs your essence out with her sexy hands