Freebie Tuesday

Wetting her swimsuit Alessandra Noir pee



Canadian / Las Vegas
8:37 min - Sep 12 - .MP4 - 242.27 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Sexy blond and petite pornstar Alessandra Noir is ready for a nice sexy swimsuit tease. She's wearing a tight cotton blend one piece swimsuit and you can clearly see her nice bladder bulge. After some squirming, she reveals she's at a depseration level 10 out of 10! She's still pretty shy when it comes to the desperation but you can see when she starts peeing her swimsuit, it's a LOT that comes out and you can see her bladder shrink! We're just chatting about times she's wet her pants when all of a sudden shes gushing pee out of her lycra'd swimsuit crotch & it's just streaming down, splashing onto the pavement like a waterfall. She just couldn't hold it and is just nonchalantly peeing herself. Can you imagine if you were just talking to a girl & she just pees her pants with no apologies...?! It would be pretty shocking! It's a super cute video of Alessandra talking more than normal