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YOU HAVE TO PAY TO WORK FOR ME. Nina is a super-hot, extremely successful boss at her company. When a young intern comes to interview at her company she knows a great opportunity when she sees it. She finds out that the intern is from a very well off family and she teases him into accepting a position in the company where he will have to pay a portion of his salary straight back to her in order for the right to work under her. Now that he has agreed to work for her, she goes about taking everything from him. She uses her Big Tits, her Feet, her soft supple Mouth, to break his resistance to the point that he will sign everything over to her… Whenever she meets any resistance to a signature, she edges him to the brink of orgasm, then promises not to let him cum until he signs what she wants him to. She finally convinces him to sign documents that make her his wife… and he’s not allowed to Cum until the honeymoon