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THE GIRLS WANT TO MAKE THEIR BITCH BOY PLAY A GAME. They make his cock hard. Measure the first inch and then only let him put that first inch, JUST THE TIP, INTO THEIR SWEET PUSSIES. "You can only go this far in." They play "Rock, Paper, Scissors." to decide who goes first and then they let "just the tip" into their hot place. They use his little cock head on their clits and only let the tip go inside. They take turns putting the tip in and cumming. The Brats have him so brainwashed that he doesn't want his little wife anymore. He doesn't get to go all the way in and no matter how hard he tries. Cumming for him is against the rules of the game. . "That's not part of the game." Precum is the only thing he gets in this game. "We get pleasure, you don't. That's what this game is all about.&quot