Step Daughter Lanie


Lanie Love

American / Lanie Land
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OLD. It's Saturday and I'm getting ready to go to the beach and party! But I need a car and Mom's not home and you're my last hope . I find you in your room and ask for your car keys, "Pleeeeeease Daddy can I use your car today? I promise nothing bad will happen". You don't budge and I know what I have to do. I start to tease you by showing off my ass in my red bikini. "I see the way you're always looking at me, Daddy, I know what you want". I take your now very hard cock out and start to stroke. I'm your STEP daughter so it's okay, right? You slide your cock in my tight pussy and soon I can't help myself. I start to ride you and cum all over your dick. I want it more and more and I beg you to shoot your load inside of me. "Cum inside of me, Daddy, don't take it out!" I don't want to spoil it all, watch for yourself :) P.S. I say "Daddy" A LOT