Sunday Dinner with Daddy Part 2


Lanie Love

American / Lanie Land
13:59 min - Sep 21 - .MP4 - 733.22 MB


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OLD. It's Sunday night and we're having our weekly dinner with the family. It's only been one week since the webcam incident. Hopefully things won't be awkward, I mean you've seen me naked! I leave the table and you follow me "Omg Daddy you promised you wouldn't be weird at Sunday dinner. They're going to know we're in here". I tease a little, "We can't stay away long, but will you help me with something? One of my guy friends bought me this new outfit and I want to know what you think. He hasn't seen it yet but I don't know if it's sexy". I start to strip out of my trench coat. "What do you think Daddy? Do you like my tits? My ass? Am I sexy Daddy? Would YOU fuck me?" I keep teasing you and see your pants start to rise. "Omg you're so hard Daddy, you MUST like it! Would you like if mom wore this?" I start feeling on you "Oh no we're going to get in trouble. We'd better get back". I put my clothes back on and leave back to the dinner table. I'm getting ready for bed when you come into my room, "Oh hey, Daddy did you forget something?" Or are you back for more, I think to myself. "Aw you're going to tuck me in? Okay, Daddy come here", I seduce you with my cute lingerie again when I take my covers off. "So Daddy, I want to give my guy friend a blowjob for the first time and I don't know if I'll be good at it. Do you know how I can practice?" I'm stripping slowly as I see your pants moving again. "Hmm it seems maybe, I can practice on you?" I drop to my knees