Freebie Tuesday

Wife Comparison


Lanie Love

American / Lanie Land
15:21 min - Sep 22 - .MP4 - 804.59 MB


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OLD. **This is a CUSTOM video, if you want your own, email me at Lanie.cammodels@gmail.com** I'm so much better than your wife, I mean look at me, I'm amazing. You know she can't get you hard like I do, make you cum like I do, make you beg for more like I do. She doesn't have amazing lips, ass, face, biceps, arms, toned abs, ANYTHING like I do. She's just a pathetic, simple, boring woman who can't even please her husband. I tease and talk crap about your wife while showing off every inch of my body and how your wife doesn't compare. She walks in and I explain to her how much you love thinking about me when you're fucking her. "Look at how hard he is, I bet you've never seen him like that". She just stands there and takes it. She knows she'll never compare to me