Freebie Tuesday

Mom I'd Love to Fuck


Lanie Love

American / Lanie Land
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quot;Hey honey! I just got my hair done and a new dress, do you like it?" Your mom begins to model her beautiful new sundress and high heels. She looks so sexy the way the dress hugs her curves all the right way. You must hold back your thoughts as you feel your dick swelling in your pants. Of course you tell your mom she looks amazing. She blushes and begins to play with her dress some more. Almost in a sexual way. You think maybe your mind is beginning to wonder places forbidden, but then she puts one of her straps down. "Honey, I try to keep looking sexy. You know, at my age there's a lot of pressure so I like to look hot.What do your friends say about me? Am I a MILF?" OF COURSE she's a MILF! Your friends love coming over just to see your mom. You never thought you'd hear your mom ask if she's a MILF. She begins to strip. Oh no how will you control yourself now. You try to hold back but soon enough your mom is on her knees in front of you telling you to take your dick out. "Go ahead honey, show me your cock. Make me feel young again." You can't resist and soon your dick is in your mother's mouth and it feels so good. "Your friends are going to be so jealous honey!" Next thing you know your dick is inside your mother's pussy. You're fucking your sexy mom, finally after all these times you've masturbated to the thought of her riding your dick and here she is doing exactly that. You don't hold back and you give her what she wants. She wants to be a MILF and you want nothing more than to help her