Your Mom's Going to be so Jealous


Lanie Love

American / Lanie Land
10:55 min - Oct 03 - .MP4 - 572.36 MB


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You've been talking to your friends about how badly you want to fuck your hot Step Mom. Little do you know she has completely heard everything and confronts you. "So you said you want to 'pound my pussy all night'? You want to 'bend me over and take me anywhere you want'?" she asks as she's wearing that sexy flowy dress you love so much on her. You feel your dick start to twitch in your pants. You're so uncomfortable and so intimidated by her standing in front of you. "Well big man, what are you going to do? Your Dad won't be home anytime soon and your Mom won't be picking you up for a couple of hours. So you have me all to yourself, are you going to bend me over right here?" You are ten times more uncomfortable now with her touching herself. Why is she being so forward and asking these questions? Never in your life did you think you'd ACTUALLY get to fuck your Step Mom. You completely deny everything and say no you don't want to fuck her. "Why not?", she says to your surprise, "You're a handsome young man, you carry yourself well, you get good grades, why wouldn't I fuck you?" You're afraid now because there's no going back, you're about to fuck your Step Mom for real, IN REAL LIFE, This isn't just a fantasy anymore, it's about to happen. She starts to strip, she knows her power and knows you can't say now. Your dick is fully hard now and ready to go. Your dad would be so pissed if he found out you were fucking his wife, but you don't care, this is happening. What soon became the end of the best time of your life, your Step Mom leans over to you and says "Your Mom is going to be SO jealous I got to fuck you", she smiles, gives you a kiss on your forehead, and gets dressed. You're in a daze at what just happened and what she said... Your Mom...Jealous?... To Be Continued