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THERE IS SOMETHING I WANT FROM YOU… Is there a more terrifying thought than, one day your wife will just get tired of you and divorce you without out a second thought taking half of everything and leave your life in tatters? There actually is something worse than that. What if one evening you wake up and can’t move? What if your wife has slipped you a secret Druggg that paralyzes you, and makes your heart race so fast that if you Orgasm… Your heart could explode? What if she makes you sign life insurance papers, and you are unable to resist doing so? …. What if she actually wants to get rid of you… PERMANENTLY? Unfortunately for you, that’s exactly what Kristina wants. She is going to use her soft sexy hands, her beautiful face and Amazing Ass to make her wicked desires come true. She is going to bring you to the brink of Orgasm again and again, rubbing on you, tugging your rock hard cock… even giving you an Assjob… She is going to make sure that when she finally does make you Cum … It will wipe you out for good