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DOCTOR'S DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU NEED… ONLY I DO.” Osa always makes her husband excited. This is a problem because her husband has been ordered to not get excited under any circumstance. Osa feels that the doctor is over-reacting. Osa knows what her husband needs… and it’s some sexual activity. Osa thinks he needs a hard dick that can be rubbed all over her Tits, that she can stroke and Tease with her hands, and that she can suck on like a Lollipop. But can her husband trust her? That is the question… Osa has been trying to get him to sign off on a life insurance policy… To make matters worse all she does to him is Tease him, controlling his Cock so he doesn’t Orgasm… This makes his poor aching Heart hurt Worse! Edging him again and again so that his heart twitches in agony as his Orgasm is Denied Over and Over