Freebie Tuesday




American / Las Vegas
10:30 min - Nov 22 - .MP4 - 608.57 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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NO CUMMING UNTIL AFTER WE ARE MARRIED!” Mommy Mercedes has a plan. Her dead husband did not leave her the family fortune the way he was supposed to. Instead, he died and left everything to his son. Now Mercedes is a widow without a fortune. It’s time to take matters into Mommy’s Own Hands. First she calls her son into her office. And then the fun begins. Mercedes happens to be a trained HYYYPNOTHERAPIST, she calmly takes out her cell phone that has an app installed on it, which allows her to Mesmerize her son! She enforces ideas which will allow her to control her son by his Cock and his Need to Cum! Next as she deepens his Mesmerization by stroking his cock with her hands and tits, she informs him that the only way Mommy will every let him cum is when he has married Mommy and signed over his inheritance to her