Freebie Tuesday

Can You Cum if I Insult Your M0m

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I know that you'd follow most of my orders. If I told you to abstain from cumming for a week, or wear women's panties to work, or eat your own cum, you'd do it. But those things don't REALLY test you. They don't REALLY prove your loyalty. In my studies of mind control techniques, I've discovered that making the subject BETRAY their loved ones is most successful ways of breaking them down and ensuring that they are loyal to their captors. Well, I am your captor, your Master, and I want you to do just that. I am going to insult your pig of a m0ther and you are going to nod and stroke. As I insult her, I want you to stroke that dick of yours. If you cum, despite me saying the most horrific things about your m0ther, you pass the test. If not, I guess you're just not a true sub