Jessica my Naughty Twin

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Bella French

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JohnPCock May 30 2014

I LOVE threesomes!!

mhallee Mar 6 2014

How about just me and you

Bella French Feb 18 2014

Fuck it let's just do a threesome!!

Can I have a threesome with Bella and Jessica?

MarcoMax Feb 8 2014

Bella and Jessica, the sexiest twins ever.

Taz_73 Feb 8 2014

Bella is still the sweetest girl

Taz_73 Feb 8 2014

would Bella hate me if i say that Jessica is hotter

Taz_73 Feb 8 2014

Jessica is the perfect alter ego to Bella

MarcoMax Feb 8 2014

Jessica is as nice as you!

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nick77mtl deleted May 21 2015
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I was disappointed with this video and here's why: I bought the video with the hopes of seeing Bella's pretty ears. However, her hair hides her ears for pretty much the entire video and I never really got to see them :(


As I am sure that Bella has very pretty ears to match the rest of her stunning body parts, it's not the first thing I look for when buying a Bella French video. And to add to this, at 5:50 she says "I want you to spit on my pussy" which makes me completely forget about her ears. Hahaha. Thought I would add a little laughter in my description. Needless to say, I would still nibble on your ears, Bella, not to neglect them, LOL.

To sum up this video, again, wow. Once again, it's the great sexy arousing performance that Bella always delivers. But the length of the video makes it even greater. 26 minutes of pure Bella goodness.

Once again, she wears a sexy outfit (some type of fishnet body stocking with open ass to go along some knee high black naughty girl boots)!!! Yeah baby.
She also switches to a little french in the second half of the video which is really hot. I understand french but even for those of you who may not know french, it's damn hot. She uses naughty, slutty french and it will drive any man wild.

One thing i love about Bella and guys who don't know her much is the following. Now obviously, what most people will notice at first sight are Bella's amazing titties. I mean, they are amazing and you can't miss them, right? But despite the fact that I love great tits, I am at first an ass and legs guy. And need I tell you that Bella totally delivers on having those assets as well. I mean, wow! Bella has an amazing ass and sexy long legs. Just writing this about Bella has got me thinking dirty. LOL. And speaking of those sexy legs, Bella sure knows how to use them (like ZZ TOP would say). When she lays on her back to play with her sweet amazing (I wanna taste it) pussy, she spreads those sexy never ending legs like a pro and also sometimes displays flexible ballerina skills by pulling them way back. As for her munchable, spankable, kissable, lickable, sweet ass, she also displays it perfectly in the reverse cowgirl position (wow) and also when on her knees masturbating with her ass up in the air towards us (I guess you call that solo doggy - LOL).

Anyway, does it show that I love this girl? LOL. Well, I just felt like she deserved some great reviews because she absolutely delivers. Time for all of you to discover this babe.

I invited my twin sister Jessica and she took over. She likes to fuck everything that moves! Always horny, she fucks my dildo with her hot wet pussy. (Some segments are in French)
Bella French
Canadian / Canada
Bella French
Canadian / Canada
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