Trained to Fear Arousal



American / Dallas, Texas
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Mistress Petra Hunter needs to have a realistic conversation with you about chastity. You masturbate far too often, and you know you need to be locked away so that you can't get to your cock. But Mistress Petra doesn't trust you in chastity. You're so horny and desperate that she knows you'd find a way out. So instead, she's going to train your body to hate arousal. How will she do it? With a teeth bracket device. This metal sheath goes around your cock, and each time you get hard, sharp pain floods your body. The only way to avoid the pain will be to avoid arousal. Soon, anything remotely arousing will terrify you. And of course, this entire time you have the device around your shaft, Mistress Petra will tease the hell out of you. [Contains: Chastity, Female Domination, FemDom POV, Topless, CBT, Behavior Modification, Tease & Denial