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YOU DON’T GET TO CUM.” Junior’s Dad has threatened to disown him if he doesn’t get a job and become a productive member of society. Thus he finds himself at Alix’s house of Domination. Alix instantly recognizes Junior because of his high profile Dad… After he explains why he needs the job Alix gets an idea. Alix is going to use her sexy tempting body to coerce Junior into marrying her. Alix knows Junior is a virgin. He is unable to resist the urge to Cum at the slightest touch of his Cock. Alix stops him from Cumming at every turn. She says she will only let him cum if he agrees to marry her. She strokes his dick with her feet, tenderly touches it with her hands, and rubs her big tits all over it. It’s all he can do to control himself when she teasingly tastes his cock with her mouth! Junior never had a chance. As soon as he agrees to marry her Alix sticks him into a cage to make sure he remains Pure for their wedding