Who Wore It Best 5 Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

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Lucy Purr and Angel Lee saturate their tiny red shirts as they lie in the pool. Their nipples are outlined, and they pour more water on their tits to make them extra shiny. Skin tight jeans hug their curves and emphasize their belly buttons. <BR><BR> They grope each other and kiss nipples because the clothing looks and feels so sexy! They strip their shirts and swap to see who looks best in them. As they squeeze the extra water out, the heavy shirts cause friction as they pull it over their heads and huge boobs. <BR><BR> They tally who wore the various shirts best, but it was equal throughout. For a tiebreaker, they pick which shirts to put back on. Angel gets the white one and Lucy puts on the pale blue one. Since they are wet from the last time the wore them, their nipples show through, but they're determined to make them more transparent! <BR><BR> Using their hands, they push out the air bubbles that develop in the cleavage. Leaning back, they arch their backs and show off their bellies as they pour water over each other. This game turns them both on and they can't wait to do it again! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS-wet tee-shirt, skimpy shirts, wet and messy outside, outdoors, competition, games, jeans wetting, pants wetting, pool, denim, big tits, fetish clothing, pigtails, ponytails, brunette, Asian