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HEY DADDY WAKE UP!” You wake up to find your Sami, your Step-Daughter licking and stroking your cock which is Rock Hard… and you not able to move! Somehow she has Paralyzed you! Your Heart is beating so fast! She is your favorite daughter, but you are only her plaything. You are a means to an end. You tell her that if she makes you cum you will die… The doctor told you have a heart condition that won’t allow you to get to excited sexually. Sami doesn’t seem to care. In Fact if anything she becomes more sexually aggressive! Sucking you off with her sexy pouty lips, Stroking you with her perfectly manicured fingers, Rubbing her soft squeezable tits all over your dick, Edging you over and over. Sami then makes you sign your will and last testament with her as the main recipient… And then, her intentions are all too clear