Harley Quinn ties Nightwing to the bed

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AndrewCW - Top reviewer Sep 12 2017
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Looks like someone watched Batman and Harley Quinn movie XD Thank you for bringing this to life with the sex scene from the movie. When others were sharing it online and then cuts shortly after I was "Wait, I want to see more" Lol. So for those wanting wanting to see the full version of that scene from the movie well here you go. Grab this now XD

lance2000 Sep 18 2017
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LOVE the opening
WOW…obvious increase in video quality!!!
Criminal or whore….why not both?
hahahaha….boy wonder, all grown up.
i love sexually aggressive Harley
crawling on top of NightWing like a hungry tiger
(the dialogue in this video is amazing)
hey…hey…you’re putting that in your mouth….you don’t know where its been
the view 7 minutes in is very much to my liking, i must say
dat ass….ride ‘em cowgirl
i bet that keeps your middle finger warm
This was a very very sexually aggressive video all the way around…..Very Nicely Done!

A behind the scenes look at what happened in Batman and Harley Quinn after Harley unties Nightwing from the bed! It's a fanfic fantasy