Teacher Gives you Asshole Anatomy Lesson

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mscott88 Nov 7 2017
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Perfect. Would love to see a fart fetish video in the future!

Custom request: an apparently prudish HB teacher invites her student back to her apartment with plans to corner and chastise him for slyly taking up-skirt pictures of her ass. Key terms are: asshole worship, ass spreading, ass licking, closeup, dirty talk, anal masturbation. It seems as though she hopes to stamp out and censure his perversions by giving him an "anatomy lesson". The video appears to contain a sort of plot arc, the teacher attempts to censor the students behavior and consequently gets corrupted and seduced by the student. Part way through an ulterior motive becomes transparent, the teacher is actually engaging in a role play with the student, sort of allowing herself to be seduced. "So, I understand you like ass, I bet you think this stunt of yours makes you appear interesting or something. It just makes you a pervert. What disturbs me most is that this behavior seemed to emerge as we began covering functions of the human rectum. Do you get off thinking about the hole I poop from!?" You sound repulsed but with a curiously flirtatious lilt. "It sounds to me like we need to complete your anatomy lesson. I'm going to show you just what it is you're so fixated on." At this point the tone of the video could shift a little, it starts out in an interrogative sort of charged manner and from here it could transition into something more sensual and playful. You could say somewhat sensually in almost hushed and intimate tone "You must have quite an oral fixation. Or you just love it when I talk filth to you. I bet you'd love nothing more than to stuff your tongue deep inside this little hole I poop from." The teacher strips and spreads her ass telling the student to come and smell her. "First I want you to smell me, I want you to come and bury your face in my ass and smell my little poophole." The teacher softly issues further commands to thoroughly lick and tongue her asshole which she seems to enjoy more than she thought she would. From there on it'd basically consist of spreading your ass in various positions like with your knees stretched over your chest, demanding that your asshole is tongued, and worshipped, inserting the term 'poophole' into various phrases." I finish the video by fingering my asshole and encouraging you to stroke your cock to get a huge load ready to fill my ass with your cum, finishing with a cum countdown