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IT WILL BE OUR DIRTY… DIRTY LITTLE SECRET” You don’t want Mommy to know do you? What are you going to do for me? That’s what your supposedly innocent Step-Daughter asks after she catches you jerking off when Mommy is not home. Instead of leaving the room, she decides to “Help you out” if of course you help her out by giving her whatever she wants. There are a lot of things she wants… For instance she wants her curfew to be forgotten so she can jerk off the muscle men of the football team! She asks if you want her to Lick your hard cock… you do. She knows you do, so she is going to have a scaling payment system… One Lick for $100, you want her to put your dick in her mouth for a quick second? That’s a $1000 dollars. You want her to Suck on your Balls? It’s $2000 dollars. The Price only goes up from there. Your Step-Daughter is going to be wearing the pants in the family soon, because SHE WILL HAVE ALL YOUR MONEY!!! She lets you cum as soon as you promise to buy her a new house… But SHE IS NOT DONE! She keeps going! Now you are going to have to give her what she wants in order for her to stop jerking you! IT’S SO SENSITIVE! PLEASE STOP you cry! NO DADDY I WANT A BOAT! IN FACT YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY ME TO STOP