Stretching and Ice Play


Misha Mystique

American / your Dreams
19:47 min - Sep 12 - .MP4 - 283.96 MB


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I've just come home from a long day and am in need of a really good stretch. I start out teasing you a bit while still wearing my designer jeans and high heels. After a short bit of teasing, I remove my shoes and strip out of the tight denim. Wearing only a leotard, I decide to use the nearby computer chair to get in some really good stretching. I sit and arch backwards into really deep stretches, taking extra care to stretch my shoulders and neck. After I've stretched in this manner for several long minutes, I decide to grab a glass of ice cubes. I rub the ice over every inch of my long neck, savoring the feeling of cold against my bare skin. When I run the ice over my stomach, the sharp cold makes its way through the fabric quickly, soaking the front of my leotard and letting the sensation of cold through to tease my skin beneath. Shot in 1080p with clean sound, so you can clearly hear all the little sounds of enjoyable stretching. *** [ includes elements of: ass tease, jeans fetish, designer denim, high heels, ass tease, ass fetish, stripping, leotard, stretching, flexible girls, arch back, flexibility, neck fetish, ice play, sensation play ] *** you may enjoy: